Afternoon Walk at Hangang

3 Nov 2013

Using Myungje’s car, we went to Hangang park and took a walk. It was awesome to see so many people exercising along the river. There were places with outdoor fitness equipment. It’s a good place to have picnic and play with dogs, kids and friends.

Myungje said she’s amazed with the Jajangmyeon or fried chicken delivery service who can find the customer who ordered it on the riverbank. I told her that she should try ordering so she would know how they can find the customer, maybe they use GPS location to find the customer. kekeke.

Hangang is a very wide and long river. There are several bridges crossing the river. Myungje said sometime when she does her weekend run, she saw people trying to suicide by jumping from the bridge and some policeman will try to stop the person from jumping. Scary…..but that afternoon…..we didn’t see any bridge jumper….only the beautiful flowers and exercising people around the river.

IMG_7522 IMG_7521 IMG_7519



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