Hiking to N Tower

3 Nov 2013

From Hangang, we went to Namsan hill, to see the N tower, the tallest tower in Seoul. Myungje said that the hike will be too much if we take a bus, that’s why it’s better to take her car.

The road to the hill was pretty with colorful trees on each side of the road.

20131103_153025 20131103_153058

There was a bit queue to enter the park. We got a parking space near the monument of a patriotic hero who cut his finger.


It was a looooooooong hike from the parking lot to the tower…kekekeke. During the hike, we encouraged each other with the thought of having a hot chocolate and hot coffee.

At the entrance, the beginning of the hike to N Tower, the park employee created heart-shapes on the side walk with the falling leaves from the trees. A lot of people use them to take pictures. Nice and romantic ^_^.


When we arrived at the top of the hill, there was a bus stop near the tower…kekeke…it was clearly  easier to take the bus …kekeke.



IMG_7527 IMG_7529

The tower is a romantic place for couple. There are many padlocks around the tower area left by couple who hoped to be together forever.

IMG_7530 IMG_7531

There were the tower employees who were cleaning up the lovers’ handwriting on the wall and on the art decorations around the tower. From the layers of paint on the wall, it looked like the wall was painted over every month but at the end of the month, it was full again with all the handwriting ^_^.

IMG_7532 IMG_7533 IMG_7534 20131103_172736

After enjoying a cup of chocolate and coffee, we went back to Myeong-dong cathedral to attend the 7 PM mass. When we were walking down the hill from N tower to the parking lot, Myungje’s shoelaces came off. She said, it’s a sign that someone was missing her. kekeke. I told her, in my hometown, it was when your eyelashes came off that means someone is missing you. Myungje said, a lot of people must have been missing her because two of her eyelashes came off in the morning the day before…kekeke….We walked again and just a few meters later her shoe laces came off again. We laughed at that. Myungje said, all of those people who were missing her, why didn’t they just came and met her…kekeke.


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