Mandu at Myeong-dong

3 Nov 2013

From N Tower, we went back to Myeong-dong Cathedral. When we arrived there, the 6 PM mass was not finished yet. The cathedral has a lot of Sunday mass. Near 7 PM, people were queuing in front of the cathedral’s entrance. WOW. It’s the first time I saw such an orderly entrance to a mass.

The 7 PM mass was for youth. They use songs with sign language. The mass was in Korean but it’s easy to follow because the Catholic Church has a standard mass order that is the same everywhere.

The mass was finished in about 1 hour. At the end of the mas, the choir sang the song with sign language in front of the altar.

20131103_200039 20131103_201137

Myungje told me to get a blessing from the priest, I did that and then we went to eat ramen with mandu at a restaurant near the Cathedral.



The restaurant usually full. Myungje said she usually had to wait to get a table but that night we got a table right away. At some restaurants, as in this one, after taking the order, the waiter will ask for the payment right away. The ramen portion was very big. I couldn’t finished it but myungje didn’t have trouble finishing hers. The mandu was also very delicious. kekeke.


After we finished eating the mandu, Myungje took me to the hotel and we said goodbye. We promised to meet again later before I went back to my hometown.

At the Suitcasers Hotel, I got a big room with a queen size bed and a single bed. The bathroom had a claw foot bathtub. Nice. The room was on the 4th floor and Thank’s God there’s an elevator. The hotel employee took my bag and showed me the room and the kitchen. He explained the hotel rule in a very good English. Breakfast is served on the 4th floor kitchen. There’s a free wifi and a big TV inside the room but I don’t know how to turn on the TV channel. Anyway, it’s late. I took a shower and it was the end of day 1 in Korea.

wpid-20131103_213452.jpg wpid-20131103_213411.jpg wpid-20131103_213436.jpg


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