Gamjatteok and Ahjussi

Nov 4th, 2013

The bus left Dongseoul Terminal and went crossing Hangang to enter the toll road. The autumn leaves along the way was pretty.

Since I sat on the aisle side, this was the best shot I could get to capture the autumn leaves’ color along the way:

20131104_134038Okay….it’s not as good as you hope….so I also recorded a short video:

There were several tunnels on the way, this was one of them:

I know the video is shaky….well…It was the best I could get while recording inside a moving bus….^_^

The bus made a stop at rest area for about 10 minutes. I went to toilet and bought gamjatteok (KRW 3000), a rice cake with potato inside it. I bought this because I wanted to eat something warm. Myungje told me Gangwon-do the province where Sokcho city is, is famous for its potato. I took some pictures and went to the bus when everyone else was ready to leave.







On the bus, I sat next to an Ahjussi – a man in his 50s or perhaps 60s. He didn’t speak English, so from Seoul to this rest area, we were sitting side by side in silence.

When I went back to the bus, he was talking to the ahjumma (an elderly woman) and ahjussi who were sitting on the front seats. It looked like he likes to chat but unfortunately he couldn’t do so while sitting next to me.

When the bus continued the journey, I offered the tteok to the ahjussi next to me, using body languange….kekekeke….because my Korean language vocabulary was very limited. He accepted the offer and then he asked me something. I only caught odiga (where), but I wasn’t sure whether he asked me of my destination or my origin. Kekekeke…too bad I couldn’t give him a good conversation. In the end I only smiled and offered him more tteok.

The ahjumma shared a cup of baked potato with the ahjussi next to me and then he offered me the potato. It was such a sweet moment of sharing food on the bus. It was a time when I wished I could speak more Korean.


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