Eclectic Room at Casa Seorak B&B

Nov 4th, 2013

Around 5 PM, an ahjussi came into the e-mart and went directly to the place where I was sitting. He spoke with very good English, apologizing for being a little late, then he carried my luggage to his car – a kind of 4-WD car, parked in front of the e-mart.

He explained the places around Sokcho on our way to his B&B. We went pass the beach – it was really far from the intercity bus station but the express bus station was located across the street from the beach. The sunrise park was near the beach too. There’s a local market near the park. Then we turned right to the road that would lead to Seoraksan.

He showed me  a good Korean restaurant near the hotel and he specially stopped on the road side to showed me the bus stops to the city and to Seoraksan. Then we turned right again near the bus stops. There’s an Italian restaurant with a Japanese name – Maru – on the road to the B&B.

When we arrived at the Casa Seorak B&B, he gave me the map and explained the places around. I saw that Abai village was near the intercity bus station – I should had went there instead of trying to walked my legs off to the beach…kekeke…Abai village was known for its back-in-time sense of the place. You’ll see things from the 1970 – 1980 in that village. It was also known as a place that the villagers are mostly people who fled from North Korea. I knew about this village before coming to Korea but this day, I tried to be spontaneous and wanted to see the beach…..well…..anyway…’s the essence of travelling for me….be spontaneous – get lost and enjoy the whole experience ^_^.

20131105_173008 20131105_173057

The ahjussi (He introduced himself but I wasn’t sure of my hearing – so until this day, I’m not sure what his name was….according to the reviews that people wrote, the owner’s name is Mr Jun Hwa….so, I’m going to address him as Mr Jun) showed the dvd collection, he said that I can borrow those for free. He showed the water dispenser at the office cum front desk cum dining room. He deducted 20,000 won from the room charge because my friends canceled their trip. I was surprised because I didn’t apply for refund but he gave it to me anyway. WOW. I wasn’t expecting this and I admire his business ethics.

Mr Jun then took my luggage to the room. It was on 2nd floor. The wooden stairs were outside the building. The room was spacious and the interior decor was so eclectic. Some people might find it as a charming room. The room, the pantry, the bathroom, all were very clean and well maintained. Totally worth the price ^_^.

20131104_173933 20131104_173657 20131104_173557 20131104_173516 20131104_173538After showing me how to turned on the heater, he explained how to make coffee using antique-looking coffee grinder. He told me to wait exactly 6 min after the water was boiled to get the correct temperature for making the coffee. He was obviously a coffee lover.

20131104_174202Next, he showed me how to turn on the TV to watch the TV programs. I couldn’t do this at Suitcasers hotel in Seoul. The TV remote for TV channels is combined with the router for the internet. All the buttons’ names are in Hangul. Mr Jun patiently explained how to use it. Thank’s to him, I could watch my favorite TV programs like 1N2D, Happy Together, Gag Concert and Real Men. Oh, the internet service was included in the room price, so I could use it for as much as I wanted to. The TV was also functioning as the PC display. Nice.

He told me that breakfast was served at 9 AM and would be served in the room but I would have to wash the dishes and returned it to his office downstairs. From the reviews, people mentioned that his wife’s home cooking was superb. I told him that I would leave at 8 AM to see Seoraksan. He told me that I just had to skip breakfast then. Too bad T_T…I wanted to taste his wive’s cooking.

That night, I ate one of the grilled pork satay that I bought at the e-mart and after that I took a rest. I’m bushed.



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