Good Morning Seoraksan!

5 Nov 2013

This morning, I woke up at 7 AM.

The view from my bedroom window was beautiful. It washed away the nightmare that I had during the night. Maybe I was too tired and it triggered my mind to be super active at night.



I left the hotel at 8 AM and went to the bus stop. I waited there for about 8 minutes for bus no 7 to arrive. It was a sunny morning so even though the temperature was a bit cold, it was still okay especially because the bus stop has roof and walls. Oh, the bus stop was painted nicely with pictures of flower and cute characters.

Bus Schedule from Seorak B&B to Seoraksan
Bus Schedule from Seorak B&B to Seoraksan

When the bus arrived, I put 1100 won inside the money box beside the driver and find a seat. The bus was not crowded that morning. There were senior citizens with colorful climbing attire, some elementary school children and some young people.

I took several videos during the short trip to Seoraksan.

I was busy taking videos, that at the end of this one, you’ll hear something fall. That’s my bag. I put it on my lap and it went down to the door step. Thank’s God that the bus in Korea ran with closed door, otherwise, I would have to jump out of the bus to catch my bag….kekeke….

Not long after the bag fiasco, I saw the pretty mountain – Seoraksan

Arrived at the park, I took a little walk from the bus stop at the parking lot to the park entrance. I was so excited that I laughed at myself because the colorful trees at the parking lot already made me swoon with happiness….kekeke…silly me….

20131105_084530 20131105_084534


At the park entrance, when I bought the ticket (KRW 3500), I heard groups of people from Indonesia. I knew that because they were speaking in Javanese dialect. They were on tour arranged by a travel agent with Korean guide that spoke fluent Indonesian. They took group picture in front of the ticketing office. I waited until they finished taking picture before taking these:

20131105_084150 20131105_084329


Then, I went looking for the cable car station. It’s the easiest way to reach one of the peaks at Seoraksan ^_^.


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