Biryong Falls

5 Nov 2013

My last stop at Seoraksan was Biryong Falls. The path to the falls located between the bus stop and the entrance office. Biryong means Flying Dragon because it looks like a dragon flying upwards to the sky – according to the article in Visit Korea website.20131105_153944The path leading to the falls is on the right side if you’re walking from the entrance office to the bus stop. After descending a few steps, you’ll see a wide stone bridge and you’ll be able to see the cable car on the right side.IMG_7806 IMG_7801 IMG_7809 IMG_7807When I was crossing the stone bridge, I heard the sound of people laughing and talking from under the bridge. I took a peek and there was a group of aunties (Ahjumma) having a picnic there. ^_^

It was around 2 PM, the trail to the falls was 2.7 km – according to the sign post. The sun was shining but the trail to the fall was in shade. It was cold and quiet. I saw a group of nuns walking in front of me, but they disappeared when I was busy taking picture.IMG_7804IMG_7802IMG_7812IMG_7813IMG_7816IMG_7817IMG_7821IMG_7822

I was alone in the woods for about 1 km walking. I was amazed to see a toilet building inside the wood (and later I found out that everywhere in Korea, it’s easy to find clean public toilet in tourist attractions area).IMG_7824 IMG_7825 IMG_7826



Beyond these steps, you’ll see the creek leading to the falls. Near the fall, I fell because the stone that I stepped on was a bit slippery. An elderly lady was worried but I told her that I was fine.

From the creek there was an uphill climb to the falls. I decided to stop at the creek and took pictures. The group of nuns was walking back from the falls when I was taking picture of the creek.

IMG_7828 IMG_7829IMG_7830 IMG_7831 IMG_7832

There wasn’t enough light in the afternoon at the falls. I suggest that if you want to see it, do it in the morning.

The view on the way back to the bus stop was beautiful.IMG_7833 IMG_7834 IMG_7835 IMG_7836 IMG_7837 IMG_7839

I took a peek at the group of ladies having picnic under the bridge and they were ready to leave too.IMG_7838IMG_7840IMG_7842IMG_7846IMG_7849IMG_7850At 4 PM, I was back to the the bus stop. The bus was just arrived but it was full. So I stood all the way back to the hotel.


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