Sundubu Jjigae for Dinner

5 Nov 2013

Arrived at the bus stop near the hotel, I stopped by at the Korean restaurant shown by the hotel caretaker the day before.20131105_171926The ajumma at the restaurant was pretty. I saw several cars and shoes in front of the restaurant but inside, I was the only customer. I ordered sundubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) because it was the only Korean food that I recognize from the menu….kekekekeke and the ajumma told me it was 8000 won. I gave her the money and then sat back and relaxed while reviewing the hundreds of pictures that I took that day.

The ajumma cooked it herself and it didn’t take a long time for her to prepare it. When she brought the tray, every thing looked delicious. 20131105_163419 20131105_164807 20131105_163612There were clams in it. Myungje told me the clam name in Korean is bajilak. There were several types of banchan (side dishes) served with the stew and rice, but I only ate the kimchi and tofu. It was very tasty. The other two were green pepper and something red with suspiciously chili seeds in it. The rice was yummy.

I love the meal! The ajumma is a great cook. While I was eating, another ajumma came and they shared stories. Then another two ajummas came to eat. There was a big flat screen TV and it was showing Running Man rerun. It was a pleasant dinner time at 5 PM in the afternoon. I finished the sundubu in 20 minutes…kekeke.20131105_170956With a full stomach, I walked 300 m to the hotel while enjoying the sunset.

20131105_172822I took a bath and then transferred 300 photos, 200 of them were taken at Seoraksan that day. I was ready to sleep at 9 PM. I was tired to the bone but it was one of the happiest day in my life ^_^.


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