Earphone, Patch & Jjigae

November 8th 2013

I woke up at 6 AM. The room was empty when I went to sleep at 9 PM but sometimes during the night the other girls came. All of the beds were occupied.

I left the hostel at 7 AM and took a cab to airport. It was only 10 min drive. On the way, the taxi driver asked something in Korean. I told him that I’m going to Busan from the airport, hoping that he’d dropped me off at the domestic terminal. kekeke.

When we arrived at the domestic terminal, the meter showed KRW 4100. I gave KRW 5000 bill and the ahjussi gave me KRW 1000 so I gave him KRW 300 as tips.

I went to check-in. The boarding time was 8.45 AM. I still had 1.5 hours. So I went upstairs to the 4th floor, to restaurants area. I made a stop at the pharmacy and bought a motion sickness patch for my friend. That patch was called Kimite. We saw Korean celebrities used this patch behind their ears to prevent motion sickness.20131108_072649 20131108_072710After that, I found a food hall at the end of the hall. It has kimchi jjige with pork. yummy.

I ordered that at the cashier. It was 7000 won, I gave a 10k bill. The cashier gave me a digital numbering device showing my queuing number and the food stall name but she didn’t gave me the KRW 3k. I thought, maybe the money would be given with the food.20131108_072835 20131108_072828I sat near the food stall and waited for the device to beep. About 5 min later, the food was ready. I gave the device to the lady at the food stall and then I took the tray with food but there’s no money. Anyway, I enjoyed the food. It’s spicy. My tears came out while I was eating…kekeke.20131108_073007I  looked around and saw the water dispenser with glasses. Next to it was a rack for dirty dishes. People put away their dirty dishes to the rack after eating. There’s a stall with return sign. Oh, maybe I would get the money there. I couldn’t finish the jjige. it was too spicy.

Then, I put away the dirty dishes on the rack and refilled my water bottle from the dispenser. After that, I walked to the return stall but it was for returning the dirty dishes. So I finally went to the cashier again, asking about the return money and she apologize for forgetting to return it. kekeke…it’s ok eonni.

It was 8.05 AM. I went downstairs to 3rd floor to the departure area.

There were two queuing lines. one for Korean citizens, the other for foreigners. It’s because foreigners could come to Jeju without visa. So they had to obtain a permit to travel to other places in Korea.

The officer checked my passport and visa there. After that, the security check. It took a while because a girl was wearing money belt and forgot to take it off before passing the security gate. Then a boy after her, had some coins in his pockets. jeez.

After that, I went to the gate area. The gate no 1 was at the end of the hallway. I went to sit near the toilet entrance. When I sat, I saw a green teddy bear was left on the chair. The chain on the teddy was broken. Poor it for losing its owner, so I took it with me after seeing that no one was looking for it the boarding was on time.

When I put the teddy inside my bag, I realized that something was missing. It was my earphone. I used it when I watched a video from my phone the night before and I put it on a box near the bed. It was dark when I left the room and I didn’t check the box again.

Hu….hu…hu….I left Jeju with a bad taste for losing things there…..maybe next time I’ll be luckier…..maybe…..bye-bye Jeju.


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