Busan’s Santorini

November 8th, 2013

I left the hostel at around 12 PM. There were several restaurants around the area of the hostel, but somehow, they didn’t look interesting for lunch. So, I went ahead to the subway station and took one to Toseong-dong Station. My destination that afternoon was the Busan’s Santorini.

There’s a small village near a port in Busan that was transformed to look like Santorini in Greece. Somehow, this village has two names. On Busan Tourist Map, it was called Gamcheon Culture Village but in Visit Korea website, it’s called Taegeukdo Village. I wonder why does it has two names?

I had to change the train lane at Seomyeon Station. While I was walking to the lane to Toseong-dong Station, I saw this replica of Trevi fountain.20131108_123105When I saw it, I thought, wow, people in Busan didn’t have to go far to Rome to see this fountain. Hehehe.

The fountain was in front of the gate to Lotte Department Store.

I went inside the mall, looking for lunch at the food court and decided to eat this yummy tonkatsu (KRW 8000). One thing that was free in every food courts that I went to in Korea was water. You could drink all that you want for free.20131108_125217After lunch, I continued my journey to Toseong-do Station. Following the instruction from Mr Kim, I exited from exit #6 at that station. From there, I went to the bus stop in front of Busan Cancer Center and took bus no 2 or 2-2. I forgot which one that I took but the bus was small and it was packed.

I was supposed to get off at Gamcheon Elementary School bus stop, but I got off before that. The village was located on a hill. As soon as I saw the sign to the village, I got off at the nearest bus stop.

The only way to explore the village was by walking. Prepare a good pair of shoes, a bottle of water and fit body….hehehe…because you’ll have to walk up and down the stairs.

By standard definition, I was considered lost but …oh boy….I felt lucky….because I was rewarded with this view of the village:Busan_SantoriniIMG_8002 IMG_8001After taking my fill of the great view, I began my uphill walk. Phew.IMG_8003

A few minutes later, I finally arrived at the village gate and I couldn’t stop clicking my camera. Here and there, you’ll see cute things decorating the village.IMG_8005 IMG_8006 IMG_8007 IMG_8008 IMG_8009IMG_8010IMG_8012IMG_8013I decided to explore this small alley and in the distance, I heard an Italian song was played through the loud speaker in the village. Wkwkwkwk…I couldn’t help but laugh because it really made me feel that I was in a village somewhere in Italy instead of Korea.IMG_8014 IMG_8015

Then, when I was enjoying the Italian song and the view of the other side of the village, I heard several laughter from behind a wall. I took a peek and saw 3 grandmothers sitting on the floor, playing Go Stop (Korean traditional card game). Wkwkwkwwk….so they took me back to reality, that I was in Busan after all. IMG_8016IMG_8019IMG_8020IMG_8021IMG_8022 IMG_8023IMG_8024IMG_8025

Whoever designed the art installations in the village, they must had a sense of humor, such as this sleepy receptionist at the Community Center…..bwahahahaha…..IMG_8026IMG_8027 IMG_8028

I walked around the village for 1.5 hours and I had lots of fun there. The way back to the elementary school was an uphill. I probably burnt half of the tonkatsu that I had for lunch just by walking around this village.IMG_8029IMG_8031  IMG_8032 IMG_8034 20131108_145618 20131108_145716 20131108_145842 20131108_150053 20131108_150249 20131108_150300IMG_8035 IMG_8036 IMG_8037 IMG_8038 IMG_8039   IMG_8043 IMG_804420131108_15035820131108_150651


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