Kim’s House in Busan

Nov 8th, 2013

The flight from Jeju to Gimhae Airport in Busan was less than 1 hour. Maybe it’s only around 40 minutes. When we landed in Busan, we used buses to the terminal….but…it was for a very short distance. Only about 20 m. We arrived in less than 2 min…kekeke.

Outside the domestic arrival gate, I couldn’t find the sign to metro or subway. I asked the information desk and I was told to go outside and cross the road. I did that and across the domestic terminal was the light rail transit building. I thought it was for those who wish to transit or to go to other terminal. It’s actually the train to the subway station. What an unusual name. kekeke.20131108_10263020131108_10264220131108_102706I bought the one way ticket to Sassang station. The ticket was actually a token that looked like coin. The cost was KRW 1700. I put 1000 bill to the machine but it was rejected, maybe because it’s too crumpled. Luckily I have other bills. It was a short journey from the airport to Sassang station.   20131108_103613 20131108_103824From Sasang Station, I continued my journey to Daeyeon Station. This was the Metro ticket:20131108_105338

Exiting from Daeyeon Station, I walked to find Kim’s House in Busan. This was the map that I got from the hostel operator.Busan-kims house

I took the exit 3 because there’s an elevator to the street level there. Outside the station, it took me awhile to decipher the map. I saw the Two-some-place coffee shop and the CU mini market across the street. I crossed the street and then walked slowly, while looking for the Hana Mart.

Even with the super easy map to follow, I still lost my way. I walked pass the mart and the Tom n Toms Coffee looking for the street to Kim’s House. After awhile, I realized that I walked too far, I went back and finally saw the Hana Mart sign and finally arrived in front of a house with brown gate door. I saw the pink sign of Kim’s House so I knew that I arrived at the right place and pressed the bell.

A man came out of the house. He looked 30-ish and about 170 cm tall. Maybe taller. His body was a bit skinny and he wore a shirt with training pants. If I’m not mistaken, I heard him called himself Mr Kim.

He helped me carry my luggage into the house. His house had a homey feeling. The floor was covered in carpet and it was warm. There was no sofa in the living room. There’s a big window with the view of the small garden at the front of the house. There’s a table next to the window and several seating pad. He took me to the table and then he opened Busan map on the table.

Mr Kim asked me if it was my first time in Busan and when I said yes, he explained the places in Busan, while showing the pictures of those places on his cellphone. He wrote the subway exit and the bus numbers to get to that places on the map.

Then, he showed me the room that I would be staying for the next 3 nights. It was on the second floor. There was a tiny bathroom, a dorm room with 3 bunk beds and a private room. On the first floor, there was a bigger bathroom, a kitchen and two rooms.

Mr Kim and his wife used one of the rooms on the first floor. They lived there and opened their house for guests. They did a very good job on keeping the house clean and homey.

After the house tour, we finished our financial transactions.I paid USD 12.71 for deposit via Hostelword and paid KRW 40,500 in cash to Mr Kim. At first, I was going to stay in the with my friends, but when they canceled the trip, I contacted Mr Kim via email and asked if it was possible to change. I was prepared to pay the full amount for the private room (KRW 121,500) so I was surprised when he said that I only need to pay KRW 40,500. Yippie….

Then, he lent me his Bee Card, it’s a smart card that can be used for shopping and transportation. Wow. I was touched by this. The Kim’s really opened their house and their hearts to make travelers feel welcomed in Busan. Their warmth made me believe that I would had a great time in Busan.

Link to Kim’s House in Busan:

Hostelworld: Kim’s House

Facebook: Kim’s House


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