BIFF, Gukje Market & Squid

November 8th, 2013

From Gamjeong Elementary School, I took a bus back to Toseong-dong station and decided to stop by at Gukje Market. There’s a souvenir shop that I wanted to see there. So I followed the direction to BIFF Square. It was a busy market street and so lively. 20131108_153934 It’s interesting to see how these 4 letters word – SALE – always works to gather interested ladies, no matter where it is.

20131108_155238I walked up and down the market alleys, but I couldn’t find that store. In the end, I spent my afternoon at the market. I couldn’t help myself but laugh at my own antics because in my hometown, I never went to the market….hehehe….

20131108_162208 20131108_162428 CIMG1898 CIMG1899CIMG1900 CIMG1901 CIMG1902I bought this snack at the market. I don’t know it’s name. It was made from flour and it’s hot. It’s only KRW 1000. I bought it because it looked warm and the elderly couple who sold it put snapshots from TV shows showing celebrities eating eating that snack at their stall.CIMG1904 CIMG1903While eating that snack, I continued exploring the market. There were lots of interesting stores, especially the ones in the alleys.CIMG1905 CIMG1906 CIMG1908 CIMG1909I was amazed to see this shoe-cleaning & repair stand. It reminded me the one that I saw in Seoul. It’s nice to see traditional business like this one was still exist in a big city such as Busan & Seoul.CIMG1907It was getting dark and I decided to go back. On my way to the subway station, I saw this cute cat. At first, I thought it was a doll because it didn’t move.CIMG1910 CIMG1911

This funny sign wearing glasses looked like it’s having a ball conversing with the pretty doll ^_^CIMG1912 CIMG1913

The stores around BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) square had movie-themed art installations for decorations.

CIMG1914 CIMG1915  CIMG1917 CIMG1916CIMG1918At the end of BIFF square avenue, there’s Busan Lotte Town. This was one of the tallest building in the world but hem….somehow….I didn’t look up high enough to realized how tall it was.

In the lobby area, there’s this awesome water and light show:CIMG1920

I went to the food court here and decided to buy this squid (or was it cuttlefish?) filled with fried rice for dinner (KRW 6000).20131108_182622On my way back to Mr Kim’s house, I stopped by at the coffee shop to buy a glass of hot tea and bought a plastic of oranges from the street vendor in front of the coffee shop. When I arrived at Mr Kim’s house, he told me that a package from Jeju came. It’s the Osulloc Tea. Oh, btw, both Lotte shopping malls that I visited in Busan this day had Osulloc tea outlets. Wkwkwkwkw…..I was amazed when I saw the outlet but it was fun remembering how this silly experience made my trip to Jeju all the more memorable.20131108_202540That day, I ended my journey with eating oranges with Mr Kim in his living room while watching Korean drama on the TV.









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