Free Concert on the Rainy Evening

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

It was not 1 PM yet when I left Lotte Department Store. I wanted to see the free performance at Busan Cultural Center at 4 PM. It’s one of regular performances that you can enjoy in Busan, according to the city’s website. But before that, I thought I had enough time to check out the shopping street near Kyungsung University & Pukyong National University.

From Centum City, I took the subway to Kyungsung University & Pukyong National University station. From there, I walked to the cultural center but somehow, my brain told me that I was walking on the wrong direction. So, without checking the map again, I crossed the street and walked to the other way. After passing 3 blocks and didn’t see any shops around (I saw Kyungsung University though), I finally took out my phone and checked the Google Map. Jeez.

Then, I crossed the street again and walked back to the original direction. I guessed the reason why I got lost a lot was because of my curiosity. Sometimes I wonder, where that road will lead to and I did that while I was travelling to new places. Hehehe.

So, that afternoon, my curiosity got the better of me and listening to that small voice, I turned into a small alley. There were lots of cafe and coffee shops but not any other types of shops.

I stopped by at a Paris Baguette outlet. It’s a bakery with cafe in it. The breads looked cute and yummy. I bought a croquette, a soft cheese bread and one more bread that was a mystery…hehehehe…because I didn’t know what’s in it…..I took it because it looked yummy.

I continued walking while eating the soft cheese bread…..mmmmm……the taste was similar to the cheese bread in one of the bakery at home…..nothing special about it.

Instead of passing cute fashion shops, there were only groceries shop in that alley. When I finally saw another wide road, I decided to turn right. Again, the little voice in my head told me that it might be the wrong way so, I walked to the other way. Not long after that, I decided to recheck the map and finally turned around again.

And…..the rain was coming down slowly……and…..I didn’t bring an umbrella…..whoaaaaa

At the end of the road, I finally saw the UN Memorial Cemetery. Too bad that the rain was getting harder so I didn’t enter the cemetery complex. There were soldiers guarding the entrance.CIMG1976 From there, I walked along the cemetery complex wall and finally arrived at the cultural center complex. Thanks to God that the rain didn’t get any harder.

CIMG1977 CIMG1978 Next to the UN Cemetery complex was the Busan Museum. It was already 3.05 PM so I continued walking to the cultural center. Wow, I spent 2 hours walking around – getting lost in Busan.CIMG1979This is the entrance to the cultural center complex:CIMG1981The first building I saw inside the complex was a wedding hall. There was a wedding party going on inside the building. I checked the complex map and found that there were three theater buildings: Main, medium & small. I didn’t know the 4 PM performance was at the small theater building. So I went inside the Main and the medium theater but those buildings were deserted. There were only security guards and I asked them where the 4 PM performance was and was told to go to the small theater.CIMG1994When I finally arrived there, there were several ladies and one of them wearing uniform. I asked the lady in uniform and she confirmed that it was the right place. Phew.

She gave me a brochure and she told me that I couldn’t bring my Paris Baguette paper bag into the theater. She said that I could deposit it with her.

While waiting for the theater doors to be opened, I found a seat and started reading the brochure. That day performance was by a group of 5 ladies called Soribada. They were going to performed 12 songs, 3 of them were western songs (Rivers of Babylon – Boney M, Dancing Queen – ABBA, Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers) that I knew because my father used to listen to those songs. The other 9 songs were Korean.

I kind of disappointed because I thought that I could see Pansori or some kind of Korean traditional dance. hehehe….I know that I should went to Busan Gugak Center for a more traditional performances but the performances there were not free.

Well I was at the Cultural Center anyway, so I said to myself that I would enjoy the performance that evening, no matter what.

The theater doors were opened at 3.40 PM. It was a small stage. There were only about 100 – 150 seats inside the theater.CIMG1983We were free to choose our seat. I decided the second row, near the center part of the room, hoping for a good acoustic sound.

It wasn’t long before the seats at the middle part were filled. Most of them were middle ages couples. I probably the youngest guest there and the only non-Korean person inside the theater.

At 4 PM sharp, the concert began and they sang using microphones and they were loud. Whoaaaa. Those who were almost asleep while waiting were now fully awake.

Thanks to KBS TV Show called Immortal Songs, I knew most of the oldies Korean songs they were performing that evening.

Unlike the serene and quiet atmosphere at a classical music performance, this afternoon concert were a ball. Those who knew the songs were clapping and sang along, as you can see here:

I found the photos of the concert at Soribada’s website, check them out: here.

I was happy to be able to watch their performance. They sang beautifully and their energy were great.

It was around 5 PM when the concert ended. The rain had stopped then.CIMG1987 CIMG1988CIMG1990CIMG1993When choosing the way back to Mr Kim’s house, again, I listened to the little evil voice inside my head without checking the map first and of course, I walked to the wrong way again. I remembered seeing the UN memorial monument at the end of the road to Mr Kim’s house. So, I confidently walking there.CIMG1995 I foolishly didn’t realize that the monument was placed on a round-about with several ways out. After 15 minutes walking, I noticed that it wasn’t a familiar area to Mr Kim’s house. I finally checked the Google Map again and couldn’t believe that I was lost again. Ckckckck.

Anyway, getting lost was part of the fun in travelling. Even though my feet were killing me, I still felt lucky to be able to see so many local businesses on that road. It was like walking in a neighborhood of your hometown. Where people still know each other and they even know your whole family members. The old lady who were still working on her sewing machine inside a tailor was probably your mother’s best friend and the old man who were ironing the clothes at the laundry shop was probably your uncle. Those friendly neighborhood  vibes that brought back a nostalgic feeling of a hometown were so real and alive in that part of Busan.

When I finally found the correct road to Mr Kim’s house, it was already 6 PM and I was so tired from walking around a whole day. I decided to went back instead of visiting the Gwangan bridge.

Again, I couldn’t decide on what to eat for dinner. I finally stopped by at the Hana mini market near Mr Kim’s house and bought instant rice, instant noodle and a pork sausage. It’s a simple meal that I enjoyed at home.20131109_180217I borrowed Mr Kim’s kitchen to cook the instant noodle. There was the Hong Kong girl whom I shared the room with. We shared stories on the places that we visited that day. while we waited for our food to be ready. She warmed a portion of pasta inside the microwave. We were both hungry, so I gave her one of the croquettes. Yummm20131109_180719When I was enjoying my simple meal, the pasta inside the microwave was blown up, leaving a mess inside the microwave…..kekekeke….

After finishing my meal and washing the pot, chopsticks and spoon that I used (I ate directly from the pot…..just like what the Koreans do in their TV dramas), I went upstairs to the room. The Chinese girl was there.

I just realized that it was Saturday night and we, 3 attractive gals were there….inside the room instead of dating some cute boys….wkwkwkwk.

Anyway, it was an exhausting day for me. Didn’t have energy for boy/man scouting for Saturday night date. I need hot bath and warm bed more than I need a date that night….kekekekeke.


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