The Largest Department Store in the World

Sat, Nov 9th, 2013

This morning I woke up at 5.30 AM because I need to go to the bathroom. The night before, there was a little mishap. The dorm room was for 6 persons, it had 3 bunk beds. The beds had hollow iron posts. The only available bed was on the upper part on one of the bunk beds. When I reached the room, there’s a girl from HK and we chatted for a while. Then when I stepped my foot on the bed’s ladder, the whole bed tilted. Whoaaaa. I was heavier than the bed. So, I asked the HK girl to sat on the lower bed while I tried to climb the bed and finally landed safely on the bed. Phew.

Back from the bathroom, I watched Running Man from my phone and then slept again until 8 AM. When I woke up again, I wondered what to do. According to my travel plan, that day, I was supposed to get a ride on Busan City Tour Bus and then went shopping at Dongnae but somehow, those plan didn’t appeal to me. Maybe because when I was making the plan, it was for the three of us and I didn’t feel like getting on the tour bus on my own. So I searched the internet and looking at the map and finally decided to see the largest shopping mall in the world, watch free performance at cultural center and visit Gwangan bridge at night.

When I woke up, the other girls were also awake. Aside from the girl from Hongkong that I met the night before, there were a girl from China, 2 Korean girls and 1 Chinese lady who lived in Australia. She checked out that morning, so I moved my belongings to her place at the bottom part of the bunk bed.

I left Mr Kim’s house at 9 AM, after leaving a huge bag of dirty laundry. I felt bad to Mr & Mrs Kim for dumping a week worth of dirty laundry  after staying 1 night at their house so I offered to pay but he refused. He said the laundry service was included on the room charge so I didn’t have to pay for it. I was so touched by his sincerity on providing a homey place.

I arrived at the Centum City at 10 AM. I took the subway and this was the view from the station’s stairs to the street: CIMG1926The shopping mall wasn’t opened yet. Its business hour starts from 10.30 AM. CIMG1927The shopping mall had a wide pedestrian in front of it and the store windows were huge, displaying world-famous fashion brands’ items. I guessed one or two ladies who walked pass the windows showed envious and longing looks. CIMG1928CIMG1936 CIMG1940CIMG1943CIMG1945 The store directories & its world record’s certificate:CIMG1937CIMG1941 There were some activities that you’ll probably see only in the morning, such as this: CIMG1930or this, a temporary street vendor, selling breakfast:CIMG1929 Next to the Centum City, there’s a Lotte Department Store:CIMG1935 Across the street from Lotte, there are the Trump World Center and Bexco Auditorium:CIMG1933CIMG1950CIMG1931CIMG1932CIMG1938CIMG1939CIMG1944CIMG1948CIMG1949There’s an entrance door that was opened near the end of the building. I followed some people through this door and we could only go to the elevators. Again, I followed others into the elevator. There was a cultural center on 9th floor but the floor button couldn’t be pushed. So when other people got out on the 7th floor, I followed them and arrived at the movie theater. CIMG1956CIMG1955 There wasn’t a lot to see there except the ceiling and the view to the ground floor: CIMG1951 CIMG1953So I went down again. I stopped by at the 6th floor, there were an academy and a preschool. It’s unusual to see school inside a shopping mall.

Back at the ground floor, I went looking for the fountain park. I found it on the other side of the building, but the fountain was not activated. So, back to taking more pictures.CIMG1957 CIMG1958 CIMG1959CIMG1960CIMG1961CIMG1962CIMG1963CIMG1964When the mall opened, I went to the food court on the basement level. It was a big food court and I couldn’t decided what to eat. CIMG1965 CIMG1968I finally chose this red fried chicken…..and….it was very spicy. T_T20131109_113344I shed tears while finishing the spicy chicken. Luckily, there were  free drinking water dispensers there.

After that, I went around exploring the mall. There was a spa on the 1st floor and a ski rink on the 6th floor.20131109_122421There were only branded items in the department store. Not interesting to see. Hehehe. So, I went to the Lotte Dept. Store next to it and inside the mall, it’s similar to the other Lotte branches.

Out of curiosity, I went to the Osulloc tea outlet at Lotte Dept. Store, looking for roasted tea that my friend asked me to buy. I couldn’t find it on the Osulloc webstore, so, I asked the lady at the outlet about this tea. Unfortunately, she couldn’t speak English but she was very polite and helpful. She asked me something in Korean. I heard a word: sanmul. I knew I’ve heard this word before. After a while, I finally remembered, it means gift (선물). I finally understood that she asked whether I was looking for a gift. Too bad, there were only blended tea. The lady told me that roasted and blended tea were the same but since it wasn’t what my friend asked, I didn’t buy it.

On the 7th floor, there was an open park. There was a small zoo and children playground. I sat there for a while, enjoying the view of Busan.CIMG1969CIMG1970CIMG1971CIMG1972CIMG1975In the end, I don’t know why Centum City got the record as the biggest Department Store in the world because I’ve seen bigger ones. Well, at least, now I know.


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