Sunday Morning at Beomeosa Temple

November 10th, 2013

This Sunday morning, I woke up at 7 AM. Around 6 AM I was awoken by someone’s phone ringing. Twice. T_T. It was the Chinese girl’s phone. I guessed she would checked out because she brought all of her things outside the room. I tried to go back to sleep after that, but I couldn’t sleep longer because I had strange dreams. T_T.

I left the hostel at 8 AM. It was a quiet morning. the road was still wet from the rain the night before. I hoped it wouldn’t rain again but I wore my thick jacket…just in case…20131110_080923 20131110_080949I took the metro (subway) to Sassang direction because I had to change to lane 1 at Seomyeon station. My calves were sore that morning because there were sooooo many stairs to get to and from the metro station.20131110_081417 Inside the train, I was amazed, there’s a woman putting on mascara. Trust me, it wasn’t easy to do it while sitting or standing still but she’s clearly an expert to be able to do it while sitting inside a moving train. It’clear that she’s done that many times. kekeke.

The train was rather empty but I saw several people…older people…in their hiking gears. Perhaps, they were going to Beomeosa temple too.

At Seomyeon station, I followed the sign to change to direction to Nopo. It’s the last station of the subway lane that run through Beomeosa area.

It was around 8.35 AM when I arrived at Seomyeon. There’s a LCD monitor showing the progress of the train. Nice touch, especially for people who don’t like waiting for too long. They would be able to know when the train would arrive at the station.

There were more people inside the train to Nopo than inside the train to Seomyeon. I sat beside two men who were conversing in Indonesian with Javanese dialect. There’s a boy sitting across from me and he wore a pair of glasses but only the frame. The glasses didn’t have any glasses…kekeke. I saw another young male doing the same on the train from the Busan airport. It’s a fashion trend created by Korean celebrity.

Arrived at Beomeosa station. I followed the crowd of people wearing hiking gears to exit 5 and 7. From exit 5, on the street level, go to the left, into a small alley. It’s a bit of a hike to the bus station.20131110_091231 20131110_091438 At the bus station, I took bus no 90. The bus fare was only KRW 200 using Bee card, the normal fare was KRW 1000.

It’s 9.15 AM and I was on the bus to Beomeosa. The sky was clear. The sun was shinning brightly. Kamsahamnida cunim. Thank you Lord.

The bus ride was not long. We went up to a hill and the closer we were to the temple, the more colorful trees were seen. I was happy because even though I didn’t go to Jirisan as planned, I got another beautiful autumn scenery here.

This is the bus stop at Beomeosa temple:20131110_092400 20131110_092640 20131110_092649 From this bus stop, there were steps to go uphill. But before climbing up those steps, I took pictures of these interesting colorful plants. They looked like cabbages though:IMG_8046 IMG_8047 IMG_8045 IMG_804820131110_092658IMG_8049

The short walk from the bus stop to the temple gate was so peaceful. There were big trees, little stream. It felt like walking in a fairy land.IMG_8050IMG_8051IMG_8052IMG_805320131110_093209IMG_8054




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