Shopping Street Near Busan National University

10 November 2013

From Beomeosa Temple, I took the subway and got off at the Busan National University station. I didn’t know for sure what I wanted to see in this area but I knew that the best shopping streets in Busan are located around universities.

As soon as I stepped outside the station, I felt excited looking at various shops on each side of the street.20131110_122115 

Maybe because it’s Sunday, the street looked a bit empty but it didn’t matter as long as the shops were opened …. kekeke ….20131110_123836 My friend asked me to buy smartphone casing for her. So every time I saw a shop selling phones accessories, I stepped inside to look around. The price wasn’t cheaper here, but if you’re looking for a case with famous Korean character such as this Molang character, the probability that you’ll find it here might be bigger than in other countris. It’s around KRW 8,000 to KRW 12,000.20131110_122839 It was kind of relaxing to wander around the shops. There were cute cafes, for example this Charlie Brown Cafe:20131110_123301 I didn’t stopped by at that cafe, because I was looking for lunch and I found this Jjajangmyeon restaurant at one corner of the streets. 20131110_130323 Inside the restaurants, most of the customers were young Korean people. I knew that I arrived at the right place for good local food. 20131110_125152 I ordered 1 portion of Jjajangmyeon (KRW 4000). The price was cheaper that the usual meal price in Seoul. The portion was big with lots of ….. pork meat…..yeayyy… likey ^0^. 20131110_124511 Until this post was written, I haven’t found another Jjajangmyeon that is as yummy as this one.

After the satisfying lunch, I continue walking to the direction of Busan National University. IMG_8197 IMG_8198 The campus was pretty with a mountain in the background.  IMG_8199IMG_8200Near the university’s entrance, there’s a shopping mall. I went inside and I found a cute bag that was on sale. Of course I couldn’t let this opportunity to pass just like that. Kekekeke. There were 2 colors of the bag, blue & red. I chose the red one and the sales lady agreed with me, she said that the red one looked nicer on me. Well, of course she could say anything to make me close the sale but even without that compliment I was happy. Shopping always make me happy….kekekeke…Btw, I bought the bag for KRW 70,000.20131110_201625The phone cover shown in the picture above was my other finding that afternoon. On my way back to the subway station, I saw a building with cute stationary items shown on the windows. I entered the shop and it was another heaven. There were so many cute things and the price was not expensive either.

20131110_153937 20131110_154007

I spent the most happiest 3 hours around that neighborhood. Kekekeke. The happiness was tenfold because I didn’t have any expectations. Just on a whim, I stopped by at that station and unexpectedly found so much surprises. That’s what I called holiday.


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