Watching Sunset at Nurimaru APEC House

10 Nov 2013

From Busan National University subway station, I went to Dongbaek station. My destination for the evening was Nurimaru Apec House. Why did I want to go there? Mostly because….it’s free…..kekekekek….and because the sunset view from that place was supposedly beautiful. So I wanted to see it.

At the Dongbaek station, I took exit #1. On the street level, I was not sure which way to the APEC house. I use the map application in my phone and walked straight ahead from the station exit door. I crossed a small road and then there’s a big road to cross. There were 5 stars hotels on that big road and after that, there’s a wide bridge and I could see the beach.

The weather on that evening was getting colder with every steps I took but I couldn’t stop until I finally arrived at a viewing deck next to the APEC house. There’s a small light house on the deck.


IMG_8211 IMG_8210

From the left side of the deck, you could see the beach.IMG_8209


And from the right side, I could see the Nurimaru APEC house and the Gwangan Bridge. I didn’t realize that the bridge was over there until I checked the photo result in my camera.IMG_8205IMG_8223 IMG_8212

The temperature was getting colder and it was getting darker but still I stayed there at the deck, hoping to get a good sunset shot. Too bad that the sky wasn’t clear enough. So suddenly it was dark but the light from Nurimaru and Gwangalli was pretty.IMG_8229IMG_8231 IMG_8234

Despite the cold, there’s a street musician who played his ukulele the whole time I was there. His played a lively tune….well the same tune….over and over again…. ^_^

It was dark when I finally walked back to the subway station. Near the bridge, I stopped by to buy this snack….I don’t know what it’s called but it’s hot and perfect for that cold evening.



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