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The Most Beautiful Palace Garden


This morning I woke up at 7.30 AM, had a shower, packed my dirty laundry and had breakfast at the hotel around 9 AM. When I left the hotel, the first thought that came to my mind was: it felt even colder than yesterday. brrrr. The street were damp from the rain the night before.

Today, I went to Deoksugung Palace by taking subway to Seoul station and then transfer to line 1 to City Hall. I took exit at Seoul Plaza. It’s the first plaza I saw when I arrived in Seoul 2 weeks ago and I didn’t realize then that there’s a palace in front of the plaza. I saw it on the map to Suitcasers hotel but you know, I’m sucks at reading map…kekeke…

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A Day At the Mall & the Spa


It was a cloudy morning and a cold one. I decided to stay indoor at least until the sun came out.

I had breakfast at the hotel. The dining room was empty. 20131114_093551I had toast and I was amazed by the smart design of……this jam container….. ^_^20131114_093657 20131114_093741Usually, we have to open the plastic seal and there are times when it is hard to open; especially if the tiny corner that can be pulled was torn completely. This jam container design at the hotel had a part on the center of its plastic seal so all you had to do was fold the container into two (as shown by the picture on the plastic seal) and the jam would come out from the center. It’s so easy to get the jam out of the container.

My destination for that day was a well known place in Seoul, the Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa. You know the saying that goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and that’s what I wanted to experience in Korea. Korean loves to spend time to play and relaxing at the Jimjilbang.

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Pancake, Family Day & The Metro Orchestra


It was around 4 PM when I found myself walking around Insa-dong from Bukchon. I didn’t realize that those two places were close by. All I did was walking back to the direction of Angguk Metro Station.

I remember walking passed a girl middle & high school. The students were just finished their activity. I like the road around the school. There were big trees with autumn color.CIMG2083 CIMG2084I also like this mural:  Continue reading Pancake, Family Day & The Metro Orchestra

The Hanok Village


It was too late to see the 2 PM guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace so I thought of going back to the hotel. I was already inside the Angguk metro station when I realized that Bukchon Hanok Village was near there. So, there I went.

It was quite a walk but there were interesting shops along the way. There were several restaurants too but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, so I skipped lunch.20131113_135034 Continue reading The Hanok Village

The Unseen Secret Garden


Using the connecting door from the Changgeyonggung Palace, I bought the ticket to enter the Changdeokgung Palace (KRW 3000). There’s a separate ticket to see the Secret Garden but it wasn’t the time for the tour with English guide. So, I skipped it and directly went to the palace.


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