The Bell At The Museum


From Nahbi guest house, I decided to see Gyeongju National Museum.

BTW, I decided to visit Gyeongju on this trip because I was enchanted by this ancient city since I saw it on 1N2D – a famous variety show at KBS. On the 100th trip, the casts of 1N2D accompanied by a professor, took a race around the city. The professor explained the history of the places they visited during the race. Watch the episodes: 225 & 226.

The reason why I chose the National Museum was because there’s a magnificent bell there. It’s called the Divine Bell of King Seongdeok aka the Bell of Bongdeoksa aka Emile Bell.

From the guest house, I walked to the main street and crossed the street to buy some bread from Baguette Paris, a chain-store bakery that I found in almost every city in Korea.

Then, I took bus no 10, paid KRW 1,500. There’s announcement for each bus stop in Korean. So I listened very hard to hear the National Museum bus stop. The bus passed a pretty flower fields and then I heard the National Museum bus stop.

I took off from the bus and saw no building resembling a museum. I checked the map on my phone and saw that the museum was actually near the pretty flower field. So I walked back to that direction and found a back door to the museum. IMG_8245 IMG_8244 IMG_8243I passed the gate and there’s a young man at the post near the gate. He asked me in Korean, where I was going. I answered him in English that I want to see the museum. He looked perplexed, tried to explain but couldn’t find the words. Then he let me through.

The museum was deserted and I just remember one tiny detail. It was Monday and the museum was closed on Mondays…..kekekekekekeke….

Anyway, the reason to visit the museum was to see the bell and hear its sound. The bell was kept in a pavilion, near the museum’s front entrance. There’s some kind of sensor near the bell, when someone walked near the sensor, the recording of the bell sound would be played. The sound was awesome.IMG_8258 IMG_8264IMG_8257 IMG_8256 IMG_8255

Since the museum was closed, I took a walk on its yard and saw the impressive collections displayed there.IMG_8248 IMG_8254 IMG_8253 IMG_8251 IMG_8250

Then, I saw this building. A small pavilion with beautiful scenery behind it.IMG_8259IMG_8260 IMG_8261 IMG_8262 IMG_8263I enjoyed the museum, even though it’s closed. Even if it’s open, I would still enjoy it because the entrance fee was free. ^_^

Btw, the public toilet at the museum was clean (I’ll found out later that all the public toilets in Gyeongju were clean…..awesome…. ) with these cute signs:IMG_8247


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