Morning Walk To The General’s Tomb


My destination for this morning was General Kim Yu Shin’s tomb. I chose it because I heard the road to the tomb was beautiful to see in autumn.

It was sunny but still cold. Only about 8 degree Celsius. I took bus no 51 (KRW 1,200) to the express bus station. It was only 2 bus stops away. A very short ride, only 3 minutes.

From the express bus station, I followed the road sign to the General’s tomb. It’s about 1.4 km walk crossing the big road towards the bridge.IMG_8383 IMG_8384 IMG_8385 IMG_8386 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8389IMG_8398The view of the riverside from the bridge was beautiful. After crossing the bridge, I turned right onto a beautiful road with colorful trees on both sides.IMG_8390 IMG_8391 IMG_8394 IMG_8395 IMG_839620131112_092349Following the sign, I arrived at the road to the General’s tomb. It was an the left side. The road along the riverside was almost empty so it was easy to cross it.IMG_8399IMG_8400There’s a bit of a hike, about 300 M. The tomb was on a hill with beautiful forest around it.IMG_8401 Surprise….surprise…..there’s public fitness equipment inside the forest.IMG_8403The ticket was only 500 won. There were other historical buildings in the tomb complex.IMG_8404 IMG_8405I went to the tomb. It was a peaceful resting place. I wanted to see the tomb because it’s special. Other tomb was just a mound of earth covered with grass. The General’s tomb was decorated with stones with twelve Chinese zodiac carved on them. The front side was the dragon, to its left was the snake and all the other characters.IMG_8407 IMG_8408 IMG_8409IMG_8410IMG_8411IMG_8412IMG_8413IMG_8415It was around 10.30 AM when I left the tomb. The way to the tomb was a one way road, so to go down the hill, cars or other vehicle must go on a different way. The scenery on the way down the hill also beautiful.IMG_8417

At the foot of the hill, I walked on the riverside and crossed the bridge again. IMG_8419IMG_8420IMG_8422IMG_8423IMG_8424


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