The Unseen Secret Garden


Using the connecting door from the Changgeyonggung Palace, I bought the ticket to enter the Changdeokgung Palace (KRW 3000). There’s a separate ticket to see the Secret Garden but it wasn’t the time for the tour with English guide. So, I skipped it and directly went to the palace.


Entering the palace from that connecting door brought me to a mass of buildings. One of them was used as a hospital during the Japanese invasion.CIMG2025IMG_8480CIMG2028IMG_847920131113_122742Here, I won’t detailing which building was what because I was enchanted by the scenery. This palace was build as a villa, hence, the layout was not rigid and according to the book that I bought at the bookstore inside the palace complex, the buildings in this palace was build so that the natural beauty of the land was preserved and could be enjoyed from those living inside them.IMG_8483CIMG2044CIMG2045IMG_8485CIMG2035CIMG2033CIMG2034This palace complex was bigger that its neighboring palace. It’s kind of a maze. This part of the palace was used by the King & Queen:IMG_8490CIMG2036CIMG2037



As I was wandering around, I saw people doing some restoration project in the palace room.

Tired of walking around, I stopped by at a bookstore plus cafe inside the palace complex and bought some souvenirs: 20131113_194147Then, I continue walking to the main gate of the palace. IMG_8495 The main hall (Injeongjeon) looked pretty from the side, with autumn colors in the back ground. From the front, it looked majestic.20131113_122811IMG_8482IMG_849320131113_130922 There were trees with colorful autumn colored leaves on the way to the main gate. 20131113_131456IMG_8497IMG_8496The most magnificent view was the main gate (Donhwamun Gate). From this gate, it had a clear view to Mt Eungbongsan. 20131113_13192320131113_131955



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