Pancake, Family Day & The Metro Orchestra


It was around 4 PM when I found myself walking around Insa-dong from Bukchon. I didn’t realize that those two places were close by. All I did was walking back to the direction of Angguk Metro Station.

I remember walking passed a girl middle & high school. The students were just finished their activity. I like the road around the school. There were big trees with autumn color.CIMG2083 CIMG2084I also like this mural: CIMG2085 At the end of the road, there’s a tourist information office and I saw this three-cycle rickshaw: CIMG2082I wonder how much would it take to hire the rickshaw to go around Bukchon. I just found out that there are maps, suggesting the walking route around the village. Here’s one of them: Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul.

As I walked through Insa-dong, there’re lots of art shops and shops selling all kind of souvenirs but I was too hungry to look around. When I saw a restaurant selling pancake, I went there and ordered the Seafood Pancake (Haemul Pajeon) – KRW 13,000.

The restaurant was small and I sat on the floor in close proximity with other guests. As expected, I was the only one eating alone. When the pancake came, I was shocked to see how big it was. I think the diameter of the pancake was about the same as a large size American pizza. 20131113_163328The seafood was fresh and tasty but I had trouble finishing it by myself. I sent the picture to my friend, Myungje and she told me that people usually eat it while drinking Makgeolli (rice liquor). Anyway, it’s definitely not something that you eat by yourself.

As I was having trouble finishing the pancake, I chat with Myungje and she told me that this day was a Family Day. Every Wednesday, the offices close at 7 PM to encourage people to go home early and meet their family. According to an article from BBC, it’s a day when people are encouraged to make babies. It’s interesting to read the comments on that article.

It was getting dark when I finally left the restaurant. If you’re curious….no I didn’t eat all the pancake….well…..I managed to eat most of it……I didn’t had lunch anyway….so it’s understandable…..right? kekekeke.

I took metro to go back to the hotel and as I was transferring to other metro lines, inside the station, I heard this sound of music:

It’s a lovely surprise to see a live performance at the metro station. I stayed there and enjoyed the music.

Even thought it was a tiring day, I went back to the hotel with a wide smile. It’s nice to end the day with good music.


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