The Hanok Village


It was too late to see the 2 PM guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace so I thought of going back to the hotel. I was already inside the Angguk metro station when I realized that Bukchon Hanok Village was near there. So, there I went.

It was quite a walk but there were interesting shops along the way. There were several restaurants too but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, so I skipped lunch.20131113_135034 20131113_140149 20131113_14010220131113_141311 20131113_141246 20131113_14121620131113_141610In Bukchon, there were guesthouses in Hanok houses. So if you want to experience living in Korean traditional houses in Seoul, go to this village.20131113_140444CIMG2070There were several historical sites too.20131113_14074720131113_14073220131113_14065720131113_141641And there’s the Royal Cuisine Institute.CIMG2054There were cute arts on the buildings too:20131113_142812CIMG2067 CIMG2066CIMG2080 CIMG2081People came to Bukchon to take picture of the beautiful houses and also to have their pictures taken too.20131113_142246 20131113_144214IMG_8505IMG_8502 Despite that the village is a tourist attraction, it’s also a residential area. They welcome familiar noises such as the one made by this mobile groceries store.

It’s much appreciated if the tourist didn’t make too much noises. Hence, there’s volunteer walking around the village, holding this sign:CIMG2078 Don’t worry about getting lost because you can ask one of these officers: IMG_8506Btw, Bukchon Village is surrounded by palaces. This is the back door of one of them:CIMG2061IMG_8515Well, an afternoon walk around the village was pleasant. Enjoy the views. 20131113_141409 20131113_142007 20131113_142153 20131113_144233 20131113_144429CIMG2050CIMG2051CIMG2052CIMG2053CIMG2057CIMG2058CIMG2059CIMG2065CIMG2068CIMG2069CIMG2060CIMG2062CIMG2063CIMG2071CIMG2074CIMG2075CIMG2077CIMG2079IMG_8498IMG_8500IMG_8508IMG_8509IMG_8510IMG_8513IMG_8514IMG_8503


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