The Most Beautiful Palace Garden


This morning I woke up at 7.30 AM, had a shower, packed my dirty laundry and had breakfast at the hotel around 9 AM. When I left the hotel, the first thought that came to my mind was: it felt even colder than yesterday. brrrr. The street were damp from the rain the night before.

Today, I went to Deoksugung Palace by taking subway to Seoul station and then transfer to line 1 to City Hall. I took exit at Seoul Plaza. It’s the first plaza I saw when I arrived in Seoul 2 weeks ago and I didn’t realize then that there’s a palace in front of the plaza. I saw it on the map to Suitcasers hotel but you know, I’m sucks at reading map…kekeke…

The plaza was decorated with colorful flowers. Looking at them made me happy and forgot the cold. CIMG2088 CIMG2089I was amazed to see how much love and care were given to the trees in Korea. I saw a tree was getting an infusion at Beomeosa Temple in Busan and this morning, I saw that the ground around tree roots on the side walk of the plaza was covered with thick cloth.CIMG2086The buildings around the plaza were modern and the people who passed there were dressed smartly. CIMG2090CIMG2091CIMG2087CIMG2093CIMG2092It was amazing to see the entrance of a palace at the corner of this ultra modern surrounding.CIMG2094The main attraction of this palace was the Royal Guards Changing Ceremony. It was done 3 times a day (at 11 AM, 2 PM & 3.30 PM), every day except on Monday or when the weather was severe.

When I arrived there, it wasn’t time for the ceremony yet but the royal guards and the policemen were already there. I wonder how early do they begin guarding the palace?CIMG2096 CIMG2095 IMG_8517 IMG_8518IMG_8516CIMG2099I paid 1000 won to enter the palace. There were a lot of secondary school children. They took turn taking class picture at the beautiful entrance to the palace.IMG_8520The entrance, after the gate, was a beautiful walkway with colorful leaves adorning the path. It screamed: “It’s autumn now!”. I fell in love with the scenery and for me, this was the most beautiful palace garden.IMG_8519IMG_8521IMG_8522IMG_8523IMG_8524IMG_8525IMG_8527IMG_8528IMG_8529IMG_8530IMG_8531IMG_8533CIMG2102As I was busy taking pictures, a girl asked me to take her picture. She was traveling alone too and we took turn taking our pictures. Thank’s to her, I have my pictures taken at this beautiful garden…..Yeay!

CIMG2104 CIMG2103While waiting for the time of the ceremony, I walked around, trying not to get too far from the main entrance where the royal guards changing ceremony would be held.IMG_8526IMG_8534IMG_8535IMG_8536IMG_8537IMG_8538IMG_8539

IMG_8542 IMG_8541 IMG_8544 IMG_8545 IMG_8546Although this palace complex was the smallest compared to the other two palaces that I visited before, there were still a part of it that I didn’t see. The part where there’s a western style building and garden. It should be interesting to see how it blends with the Korean architecture but it was time for the ceremony and I decided to see it first before continuing with the palace ground exploration.


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