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Pancake, Family Day & The Metro Orchestra


It was around 4 PM when I found myself walking around Insa-dong from Bukchon. I didn’t realize that those two places were close by. All I did was walking back to the direction of Angguk Metro Station.

I remember walking passed a girl middle & high school. The students were just finished their activity. I like the road around the school. There were big trees with autumn color.CIMG2083 CIMG2084I also like this mural:  Continue reading Pancake, Family Day & The Metro Orchestra


The Hanok Village


It was too late to see the 2 PM guard changing ceremony at Deoksugung Palace so I thought of going back to the hotel. I was already inside the Angguk metro station when I realized that Bukchon Hanok Village was near there. So, there I went.

It was quite a walk but there were interesting shops along the way. There were several restaurants too but I couldn’t decide what I wanted to eat, so I skipped lunch.20131113_135034 Continue reading The Hanok Village