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Lost in Myeong-dong

3 Nov 2013

Before I went to Korea, I contacted Myungje, my friend and we agreed to meet in Seoul. We were supposed to meet at Myeong-dong cathedral for 12 PM mass, but it was already around 11.40 PM when I arrived at the hotel. So she suggested that we meet at Lotte Young Plaza. It was on the same direction to the cathedral.

The girl at the hotel reception gave me the direction. I also had a printed direction from Google map that I prepared before I left for Korea but I was still confused, especially at the intersections with more than 4 directions to go. I even use the “Visit Korea 3.0” apps from KTO and use the GPS but the direction that the apps gave me was a bit off. The plaza should be close by but the apps showed that it was 5 km away. Next, I use the GPS and “Maps with Me” apps, it showed the way right away and it showed me that I took the wrong direction at the intersection.

Using the apps, I walked to the right direction, it showed that the plaza was across the street. So I use underground crosswalk and arrived at the main area of Myeong-dong shopping district. I looked around and the plaza was there…across the street ….bwahahaha….Next time, I have to remember to keep my eyes on the road too instead of fixing them on the apps display. I laughed at my hopeless map reading skill and crossed the street again and finally met Myungje who was waiting at the plaza entrance.

It’s good to see her again after 3 years. She asked what I wanted to eat for lunch. I said Bibimbab. She told me that a nice bibimbab restaurant is across the street ….bwahahaha…crossing the street again.

Myungje said she’s not familiar with the area. She used to play there when she was younger but not lately. So, she opened the map with GPS on her smart phone. kekeke.

When we arrived, the restaurant was closed. We went to another restaurant. It was in a small alley. The restaurant is small but full with customer. We sat on a table on 2nd floor with other customers.

Myungje ordered the food and a drink – i forgot the name of the drink. Cold water is free in Korean restaurant. The bibimbab was delicious. It was served in hot earthen ware pot – called dolsot.


The food was kept warm. It took a while to finish them.

From there we decided to go back to Myungje’s place to get her car. We got lost in Myeong-dong shopping district…kekeke….Myungje had to ask for direction.

We took a cab to her place in Gangnam area, it was only about 5 minutes drive from Myeong-dong.

We took a short walk and then we stopped by at a cafe near Myungje’s place to eat dessert. A red bean ice called patbingsu. It’s sweet and yummy. We sat in front of the cafe, enjoying the sun and the sight.